In future we have decided not to include flights within our tour packages due to the fact that it is difficult to predict prices and schedules. As a result, our holidays are now priced without flights.

The good news is that we will be working closely with Sacha Barbato, a dedicated travel advisor. Sacha is our in-house flight consultant and a birder so is well placed to know our needs when booking flights. Sacha is a highly experienced independent travel agent and his contact details are as follows: and 01603 360099.

For each tour we will inform Sacha of our desired airline and schedule. When you receive a booking confirmation from us, please contact him and at the appropriate time he will book your flights. He will just need your passport details. Once your flights are booked, he will invoice you and send you the necessary paperwork.

Customers payments are protected by our Total Payment Protection (TOPP) Policy cover which covers payments in the unlikely event of our financial failure.