Dobromir Domuschiev

Dobromir Domuschiev


Dobromir was born in Bulgaria and his interest in birds and wildlife began when he was 11 years old and he became a wildlife photographer at 19. He has recently become fascinated by butterflies and moths, although Dobromir’s main interest is birds, with birds of prey being his favourite. Black Redstart however is top of the list for Dobromir, it being the first bird he identified on his own in 1984.

He holds an MSc degree in economics and management, but a love of birds and nature has led to his involvement in conservation. Dobromir is a volunteer working on numerous environmental projects, his true wish is to make local people believe that sustainable tourism is a real alternative to poverty and intensive depletion of natural resources in the beautiful countryside of his home country.

Besides his native Bulgarian, Dobromir speaks English and Russian. He loves leading birdwatching tours, as this gives him the opportunity to meet people from around the world and share his passion for nature.

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