Ebrima Korita

Ebrima Korita


Ebrima was born in the Lower River Division of The Gambia and his knowledge of this area in particular is unsurpassed. He has been a serious birdwatcher for about 10 years, for most of which he has been a prominent member of The Gambian Birdwatchers Association, which was formed in 2006.

His expertise in identifying birds and their calls, together with his enthusiastic but humble approach make him an excellent travelling companion and explains why he has had the opportunity to lead many tours in The Gambia and Senegal for individuals and companies. He is particularly interested in raptors, which is easy to understand when you consider that he has made several trips with Dick Forsman.

One word of warning, because of his knowledge of the area and his enthusiasm, Ebrima has discovered several ‘secret sites’, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!

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